McManus_Shannon_175I hate bios. I have the hardest time writing about myself. Let’s try bullet points! It will be like blog speed dating.

  • Born in Wilkesboro, NC. You can take the girl off the mountain…
  • Graduate of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and proud to be a Tarheel! March Madness is second only to Christmas as my favorite time of year.
  • I’ve lived in London, Miami, Washington DC, Philadelphia and LA.
  • Former flight attendant for World Airways, over 25 countries and four continents.
  • Reality television producer, lifestyle and travel shows.
  • Avid reader, aspirational writer, foodie, red wine drinker, fast driver, hiker, rollerblader, gun owner, social libertarian, registered independent smack talker.

One response to “BIOS

  1. Ok. so that’s you Shannon Cannon!

    Nice, your blog is so political and serious.

    Good luck, maybe we’ll meet again.

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