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A word from Mom about our joint venture…

The brilliance of Ramin Setoodeh is shown in his insightful column ” Why Is This Woman Smiling?”.  “Nowadays, it’s almost impossible for a woman to drag her date to a chick flick.  The opening weekend audiences for “Sex and the City,” “Mamma Mia!” and “He’s Just Not That Into You” were all about 75 percent, or more, female”.  Why do I think his column was so brilliant?  In two lines he was able to sum up what really pisses me off with movie critics today.

First, I hate the term “chick flick”. It implies characters and storylines that could only appeal to women and a “real man” wouldn’t be caught dead in the popcorn line at a “chick flick”. Second, Mr. Setoodeh’s statement that 75% of the opening weekend was female (which is true), so….


He maybe should have mentioned that “Sex and the City ” was the tenth highest gross film of 2008 and “Mamma Mia!” was the thirteenth highest grossing film of 2008.  Not a bad showing for a year in which over 605 films were released.  And I believe, if adjusted for men’s inflated paychecks ($1.00 for men to $.76 for women) the totals would be greater.  And even MR. Setoodeh wouldn’t touch the phenomenon that is “Twilight”. “Twilight” was the 7th highest grossing film of 2008, beating out Bond, James Bond. Adapted from the first of Stephanie Meyer’s best selling novels about a high school girl’s romance with a vampire schoolmate, “Twilight” garnered the highest grossing weekend opening outside of the summer blockbuster season. Summit Entertainment was thrilled enough to green light the rest of Meyer’s successful series and the second film, New Moon is already in production.

So, the aim in our Pop Feministas blog is to review everything in pop culture (books, movies, DVDs, television and art) from a female and generational point of view.  We’ll rely on the vast wisdom that I have gained from living these past forty-nine years, maybe a few more years but hey, who’s counting, right? Plus, Shannon’s point of view appreciates new media, web series, anime and Harry Potter, not my cup of hazelnut latte.  No male bashing here, we love the little fellows but we do hold that our view points are as important as any male critic’s.  So, let’s tell the rest of the story!



One response to “About the Blog

  1. (As you may recall) let the record show your daughter got me to see “Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood” and I was the only guy in the theater. Maybe I’ll be a voice for change. 🙂

    I’ll look forward to reading your blog. Hope you’re doing well.

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