Nikki Finke Dishes It Out and Hollywood Loves It

Maybe I’m dating myself but do you remember the old EF Hutton commercial…”when E.F. Hutton talks, people listen”? Well, when it comes to the Hollywood establishment, that applies ten fold to Nikki Finke. Author of the fast and furious blog Deadline Hollywood Daily, Nikki Finke has her fingers on the pulse of the L.A. based entertainment industry and she’s not afraid to apply pressure.

She’s been described as relentless and harsh and thuggish but she’ll be laughing all the way to the bank when the check comes in for the multi-million dollar sale of her blog to Media Corp.


I started reading Finke’s blog upon the suggestion of a close friend of mine who works in casting. She mentioned it in that “guilty pleasure” tone, like it’s the kind of thing you read with a giggle and lots of bon-bons. Finke’s pull-no-punches style is a heady mix of investigative journalism (debatable) and Walter Winchell style gossip and I love it. I think the fact that Variety felt the need to attack her personally in a series of “fear the blogger” articles indicates that she probably gets more right than she does wrong.

She’s an ardent supporter of creatives and writers. Her blog served as an up to the minute portal for information during the WGA strike. Nikki Finke is not afraid to take the power elite to task in a company town. Accountability is as rare on Rodeo Drive as it is on Wall Street and that makes Nikki Finke and blogs like Deadline Hollywood Daily a necessary counterbalance to the old media establishment.  One recent post outs the salaries of the major media CEOs which are wildly out of sync with stock performance and shareholder equity. Searched Couldn’t find anything on it.

It’s true, she can be a little harsh at times. In one post she describes Nicole Kidman; “she has zero charisma onscreen: women don’t like her and men think she’s sexless”. Ouch. Except, I kind of agree. And that’s the great thing about Nikki Finke and blogs in general, they’re opinion portals. You should always take the information you recieve from them with a grain of salt. In fact, with the current state of journalism and media we should be taking all of our information or “news” with a grain of salt. Hello! FOX “News”? Not so much.


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