Justine Speaks Freely, Really Freely



Nikki Finke printed Justine Bateman’s fiery resignation letter to SAG and it’s a doosey. I really admire her courage and her committment to her fellow actors. Although fairly new to the entertainment industry, I’m quickly learning where all those jaded, bitter actors come from. This is a tough and dirty business. Reading the comments on the blog post gives some insight into how divided the acting community is in regards to their union representation and the recent deal struck with the AMPTP.

As a non-union actor this is something I’ve been keeping tabs on but I remain largely on the sidelines. Personally, I believe that content creators should recieve 80% to 100% of the profit from their endeavors. This will only become a reality, however, when creatives dedicate themselves to learning the business side of show business along with marketing, contracts and self promotion. If you want to keep your head above water in this town get the slashes going…actor/producer….writer/web producer etc. Lawyers and bean counters should be on your payroll, not calling the shots.


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