Ice Queen

Lisa Kelly, Ice Road Trucker

Lisa Kelly, Ice Road Trucker

Petite, beautiful blonde with paper cut cheekbones and a winsome smile. An accurate description of a new reality tv star but this isn’t the latest addition to the “Housewives of Orange County”, this is Lisa Kelly, ice road trucker. History Channel’s third season of the hit show “Ice Road Truckers” welcomes young gun Lisa as the first female trucker in the cast. I’ve just started watching the show and the hold-your-breath moments come fast and furious as big rigs hurtle north up the treacherous Dalton Highway in Alaska, delivering goods to the oil rigs on Prudhoe Bay. Having been to Fairbanks and Anchorage a few times I know it’s cold, the kind of cold that burns your throat as you inhale and numbs bare fingers in moments. I can’t imagine jumping out of my cozy cabin to put one hundred and fifty pounds of chain on the tires of my big rig to navigate through an Arctic storm but that’s what Lisa does. She’s pretty badass.

So far she’s driven through a complete blizzard whiteout with an oversized load, chained all her tires in under an hour, lost her brakes as she slid unmercifully toward and oncoming truck. Through it all she held it together and stayed on her game with a bright sense of humor and far less drama than one sees on your average episode of “The Hills”. I love dangerous jobs reality fare but so far the casts of the shows in this vein, “Deadliest Catch”, “Ax Men” are mostly male. It’s refreshing to see a woman in danger and on point, or thin ice in this case. But that’s ok, I think she can handle it.

Check out a video about Lisa.

And definitely watch the show!


2 responses to “Ice Queen

  1. So hot! So c-c-cold…

  2. Elizabeth Murphy

    I so enjoy this show “Ice Truckers”. So impressed with the courage the drivers have. Lisa is a real wonderful person to watch. I see that she just got married. How does her job fit into being a married woman.

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