Year of the Vampire

“Twilight” & “Let the Right One In”

The movie poster
Edward and Bella

2008 may very well be remembered as the Year of the Vampire.  Stephanie Meyer’s was the best selling author of 2008 hands down!  Time Magazine gave her credit for helping to save the publishing industry which has been in a bit of a slump. USA Today reports that, not only was Meyer the best selling author of 2008 but she is the ONLY author (and that includes J. K. Rowling) in their 15 years of publishing the bestsellers list to have a single author’s four novels take the top four spots.  But better yet for the sale of DVDs, which are way down, (know you know why that $ 5.00 bin at Wal-mart keeps growing and growing) Meyer’s first day DVD sales were over three million.  What can one say, Summit Entertainment must be dancing on ____grave!  Needless to say, I am a BIG fan of Edward and Bella but first I want to nudge, nay, PUSH you to see “Let the Right One In”. “Twilight” is a love story that has vampires, “Let the Right One In” is a vampire story that contains a love story.  Both films are about finding your first love but while in “Twilight” it’s easy to see how Bella falls in love with her “monster” the choice Oskar makes when he chooses the girl next door is understandable yet horrifying.  Both films are beautifully shot was breathtaking cinematography.

I am not sure that I have ever seen a film capture the very essence of cold and quiet as it is captured in “Let the Right One In”. Oskar, sometimes a creepy young man, forms an attachment to the strange young girl next door.  The young vampire, Eli, gives Oskar the courage to face down the bullies at school and Oskar gives Eli acceptance.  Unlike the starry eyed Bella of Twilight, Oskar, a smart young man, has a healthy sense of self preservation before giving his love to a vampire. There are a few gruesome  scenes in “Let the Right One In” but they move the storyline along. The violence in the film avoids being overly bloody but retains the high “ick” factor that makes horror films so enjoyable. This movie is so well crafted that I don’t want to discuss more of the plot except to advise that there is one scene, very short, that is critical to the total understanding of the film.  Please, watch this DVD.

Let the Right One In

As for “Twilight” DVD, I loved the extended scenes.  I watched the kiss scene on the internet and was disappointed to see that Meyer had demanded the “hot” factor of the scene be cut.  Don’t get me wrong, I believe Bella and Edward’s kiss in the movie was the best romantic kiss in the movies in decades, chaste and sexy at the same time, very hard to accomplish!  But the version in the DVD released March, 21 was, to me, truer to the book.  The enemy vampires and the Cullens are given valuable screen time.  It’s just minutes but it fleshes out the Cullens’ characters and the enemy vampires to the extent that it’s hard to understand why the scenes were left on the cutting room floor.  Billy Burke was great as the father and the scenes shot at Forks High School were so real you could smell the dirty gym socks.  I loved the books and I loved the movie (saw it four times in the theater, my all time record) and the DVD didn’t disappoint!


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Trailer for \”Let the Right One In\”

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